Invested in Your Members

Copper Financial (formerly known as CommunityAmerica Financial Solutions, LLC) was founded as a CUSO powered by CommunityAmerica Credit Union in 2001. We went from a fully outsourced managed program, to a dual employee model as a department within CommunityAmerica Credit Union, to eventually becoming a FINRA registered broker-dealer under the name CommunityAmerica Financial Solutions to expand our services to other credit unions in 2014.

We re-branded to Copper Financial in July 2021 as we began to grow within the wealth management credit union space. We are now one of the only credit union-owned broker-dealer RIA firms working directly with other credit unions and their advisors.

Our logo, CuFi, is a tip of the cap to credit unions. If you remember your days of science class, the element for copper on a periodic table is Cu. 

Our Leadership

Mike Haggerty


As the President and Chief Operating Officer of CommunityAmerica CUSO One and President of Copper Financial, Mike Haggerty focuses on aligning our teams to one mission and purpose: to always do what’s best for members.

Mike has collectively spent more than two decades in the investment industry. With roots in accounting at KPMG, management training at Smith Barney, and then as an adviser with CommunityAmerica, he has experienced firsthand the challenges and opportunities of building a successful investment services practice. He spent the last 15 years building Copper Financial, creating paths for credit unions to serve their members, and helping them offer investment planning services that fit each credit union’s unique needs.

Mike graduated from the University of Missouri with a BS in Accounting and is a Certified Financial Planner professional. Mike supports multiple local charities and sits on the board of directors for Catholic Charities in Kansas City. He and his wife have five children.


Justin Steitz

Chief Operating Officer

Justin Steitz serves as Chief Operating Officer of Copper Financial. In this role, he leads investment operations, compliance, and audit for the CommunityAmerica advisor channel as well as the broker-dealer business unit. 

Before assuming this role in July 2013, Justin served as the Chief Compliance Officer for Ausdal Financial Partners, Inc., leading the effort to build an in-house broker-dealer. He began his career in an audit capacity with FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) where he spent seven years. Justin graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a BS in Finance. He and his wife have four kids.

Alyssa Akers

Vice President

Risk and Business Administration

Alyssa Akers serves as Vice President of Risk and Business Administration. In this role, she ensures Copper Financial delivers a high level of service and support to our credit union partners and financial advisors so they can provide the best service to their clients, while establishing controls and oversight to mitigate risk. 

Before Alyssa’s role at CommunityAmerica, she started in the industry working for CommunityAmerica’s primary regulator, FINRA, and served 12 years in a senior compliance role at a mid-sized broker-dealer. She holds a BSBA in Finance, a BA in German, and an MBA. Alyssa loves exploring new places, enjoys playing golf, and spending time with her friends and family.


Kathryn Anastasio

Vice President


Kathryn Anastasio serves as Vice President of Marketing for CommunityAmerica Credit Union, the parent company to CUSO One and Copper Financial.  In this role, she works with Copper Financial to craft marketing strategies to advance the company’s efforts to provide more credit unions with tools and resources to assist their members on their path to financial well-being.

Kathryn has more than 29 years of experience in marketing for various B2B and B2C companies.  She graduated from Kansas State University with a BA in Marketing and obtained her MBA from Baker University. She and her husband have two children. Kathryn enjoys archery, cooking, and spending time at the lake.

Ravi Peru

Chief Information Officer

Ravi Peru serves as the Chief Information Officer. In this role, he oversees the information technology and member operation organizations at CommunityAmerica and is responsible for driving the digital strategy and developing key IT strategies in efforts to build and deliver a long-term technology roadmap.

Ravi holds over 30 years of experience in progressive IT leadership that include corporate and consultative practices. Ravi’s even had his own consulting practices. He’s also served in various leadership roles at H&R Block where he led technology and process transformational initiatives and drove cloud strategy. He completed his master’s degree in Computer Science and his Executive MBA at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. Ravi loves to watch and play tennis, as well as read books and travel.


Michael Dehner

Director of Finance and Accounting

Michael Dehner serves as Director of Finance and Accounting. In this role, he oversees the financial activities and performance of the organization. Michael holds more than 8 years of experience in the financial services industry that includes the management of accounting, reporting, and financial analysis functions.

Michael graduated from the University of Kansas with a BS in Finance and is a current CFA charterholder. He is a member of the Rotary Club 13 Satellite Club. Michael enjoys playing golf and volleyball, and spending time at the lake.